Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#blogitjuly ...WORD

What is your word for the year (a word that keeps popping up, something that you want to work on, something to inspire or direct you…)? Why did you choose it?

My first word (because, I can't have just one) is:

*here's where I learned the most about it But after I first read it, I saw it in lots of other places, blogs, tweets etc. The funny thing is I was always worried that I had too many passions.
making jewelry
making crafts
(If I owned a cool camera, photography would probably be in there as well.)

And then I heard (through Heather Wambach ) the word:



A most beautiful word! Every time I see it or say it I want to turn into a fairy godmother and burst into song:

 skip to the 5 minute mark!

Possibilitarian makes me all tingly and anticipatory and expectational. Greatly Expectational.

I think I'm starting to work toward this idea of possible things, just the fact that I'm a part of Blog It July is huge--huge, I tell you. I have "put myself out there" more times this year by creating jewelry and crafts and giving them to people and by submitting fiction (and getting some great rejections!). Next up, accomplishment aprons!

Now, all I need is a kick-ass camera and I'll be golden.

What's your word?



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