Friday, July 5, 2013

#blogitjuly What Is Your Favorite Card Game?

Day 5 (super, duper late)

The first thing that came to mind is Speed. My youngest and I play this, sometimes for an entire evening! Let's see if I can explain it:

Shuffle the cards
It's sort of one of those sneaky games where you forget how to play it until the cards are in front of you. It's like a double secret card game!

Let's see...
I think there's three piles in the middle of the table with...some cards in each pile--oh. This is ridiculous! It's my favorite card game and I can't explain it!

Okay, back from Youtube.
Deal twenty cards each. In the middle of table are two piles with six cards in each, top card from each pile taken off top to center so you have:

5 cards 1 card 1 card. 5 cards, plus both players have their stock of twenty.
Two middle cards are flipped simultaneously (you can play onto either one) going in ascending or descending order--ace, king, queen or ace, two, three. You can also duplicate the card, so if a three is thrown and you have 2 threes--you can throw them both on the other three.

There is much screaming and bashing of teeth whilst playing.

Also, if you get stuck--no one can play a card, you then flip the next two cards from the pile of five, etc, etc, etc.

I know I've explained it horribly (it's really late and I met a friend for dinner and I had two cosmos) and I should have put up a link to a youtube video, but you guys are smart, right?

It really is fun. So what's your fave card game?

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