Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Few of My Favoritest Things...

In no particular order:
Bacon. Who doesn't like bacon? I had a vegitarian yoga instructor, he would say, "Well, if it's a gift (the bacon), then you can eat it."

Pigs. Unfortunate, I know -- I love them for their smarts, and always try to not love bacon after visiting with one.

Crackly ice. The kind you step on, not the kind in drinks...well, that kind too.

Crackly fall leaves. Walking through them. Not so much raking them.

Hard Rock. The better to clear my head, and bang it.

Opera. The better to feel to the depths of my soul. No, really.

Glasses on toddlers. I don't know why...I just love it.

Good coffee with cream/tiny espresso with a twist of lemon. self explanatory.

Dirty Martinis. Also self explanatory.

Clean Kitchens. The better to make the coffee and the Martinis.

Boots. Especially ones made for walking...

Handsome men who are nice.

Eating potato chips late at night.

Chocolate cake for breakfast.

Ice cold milk. With the chocolate cake. But not the potato chips.

And finally (for now) one of the things my youngest loves:
"I love the word 'uber,' it sounds so cool -- and, it's a real word!"