Friday, July 26, 2013

#blogitjuly What Do You Wish You Blogged More About? And City or Country?

Are you kidding?
I'm just so flipping happy I've blogged more than once this bloggity month-o-July!

But, seriously folks, my plan is to make a plan. I've changed the name of my blog to reflect what it is I want to do/write...I think.

I'm hoping U of Spark will be about creativity and hilarity--I'm sure there will be more, um, concrete things, actually there is one. Maybe two. Possibly three.

I'll be using Pinterest, yes Pinterest!
A Life More Pinteresting! Will showcase all those cool pins in action--do they work? Are they awesome? Will you feel totally cool and creative/organized/gorgeous/culinary when you try them? I'll be answering those burning questions
I Am Not Even Kidding... will highlight the weird and wonderful of life! True.
ArtBee <3/ My Place 2 Create is a work in progress--I've written about this before:
"...some kind of art space(s) for at risk kids and young adults--a safe place to come together, create art whether that's painting, poetry, photography, mixed media, quilting, handcrafting--anything. A place to create and heal."
But, since I can't create a physical space (yet) I want to do something online--I just need to figure it out--which is cool, because we can figure it out together.

August 1st seems an auspicious date for the beginning of this new adventure--it is my Mom's 91st birthday.
If that's not auspicious, I don't know what is! And, well, it gives me some time...not much, but some.

We'll also be re-launching Those Kennedy Women on August 1st...cuz it's my Mom's b i r t h d a y (how many times do I have to explain this?) and she's the original "Kennedy" woman (at least in our family)!

It might seem counter-intuitive to launch them both on the same day, but...I don't care!

"...Do or do not. There is no try." Yoda.
So, see, I'm just going to do.

Now, onto the next question: city person or country person? I absolutely need both in my life. I love the country--wide open spaces, nature abounding, it! But I also know I adore being close to shops and restaurants--and people.

So, where do I live? The suburbs, which is the worst of both!

What do you wish you blogged more about--or other people blogged more about? And are you a city person or a country person?

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