Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Black Beret Way

So, I'm taking an online writing class, and in it the teacher talks about "The Green Beret Way" -- but, I'm thinking I'd much rather do things the "Black Beret Way."

What is this? You ask. It eez, simply put, the verra French way.

Allow me to explain, I have French prints, French handbags, French stickers, even a (partly) French grandaughter...but, I've never actually been to France. It's okay, for now, it allows me the latitude to make-up things about France and being verra French. It eez, how do you say...liberating, oui! And, I like to think, a completely French way of doing things. My French way of doing things: The Black Beret Way.

Un: Laugh every day. Every sacre day, no matter what. Laugh loud and long -- head back, chin up, as if you didn't have a care in the world.

Deux: Eat something indulgent, maybe not every day, but certainement, once a month, preferably from a French bakery, and preferably involving some kind of chocolate and cream. C'est Bon!

Trois: Wear fabulous shoes (unless they kill your feet, then they are no longer le fabuleux soulier) great shoes make you feel sexy, and they don't kill your feet -- well, maybe if you have to walk in them...just kidding.

Quatre: Try something new -- go somewhere you've never been -- perhaps not France, but maybe a museum, museums are tres Francais and a perfect place to pretend you're French. Wear black with fabulous red shoes some red lipstick and smile knowingly at the security guards. This works well for la fille or le garcon. Tres chic!

The rest should be made-up as you go -- be fearless, be brave, be verra French! And remember: *Quasimodo rit, and you should too.

*Quasimodo laughed. One of the few French phrases I remember from 5 years of French...Oui!