Friday, August 16, 2013

U of Spark, Moving Sale!

Okay, not really. There's no sale. But there is a address:

Those Kennedy Women 

U of Spark, aka Cupcake, aka Muse and Musing (!) will now be a part of Those Kennedy Women. In my last post here I wrote about what I wished I blogged more about...which got me all excited for re-launching Those Kennedy Women, which we did. But then the reality hit me.

Bonk! Boiinnnng! Crash!

I couldn't manage two blogs successfully before, how would I/we do it now? I decided to concentrate on one blog--with, hopefully, all the good stuff in one place! So, for now, no new content here, but new stuff over at tKw. Really, truly hope you join us there!

Everything in one neat-o package. Hope you join us there.