Saturday, August 21, 2010

Write What You Know...nononono.

So I'm trying to think of an overall villain or Arch Nemesis for the heroine of an Urban Fantasy series I'm brainstorming. We're always being told to write what you know, so I thought about my own Arch Nemesis, yes, I have one...he's pretty lame, not exactly a Lex Luthor or Moriarty, more of a "Newman" to my "Seinfeld." But, still a Nemesis, and Arch, at that.

My husband asked me,"So how did he become your arch nemeses?"
"Well," I said. "He smokes cigarettes at little league games whilst blowing smoke at the back of my head...AND he irritates me."
"So, am I your arch nemeses too?" my husband asked.
"No, you don't blow smoke at the back of my head." fa-dump-dump.

Truly, I think I just like saying he's my Arch Nemeses, rather than him (his?) actually being my Arch Nemesis. But every cell in my body rebels whenever I see him and I literally have to growl a little. The last time I saw him he looked me in the eyeball and burped as he passed me. Seriously.

Clearly I need a much stronger villain for my books. A surprising villain, my A.N. is surprising, simply because why would some random passive aggressive blow hard be my villain. But I need someone more surprising and not so irritating. So, in this case I have to look outside my what-I-know box. Way outside it. I sort of have to do that for the whole series. What my heroine does for a living is outside my "known" box, as well as what her powers are. I'm doing a lot of: NEED INFO HERE, stuff.

It's scary to be outside that box, yet, along with the fear, there's excitement. A what-the-hell-do-I-think-I'm-doing excitement, but, still, excitement.

So, when you're way outside your "known" box how do you react and what the heck do you do about it? And, who's your Arch Nemesis?