Sunday, March 11, 2012


Things have been interesting. Not with writing, gosh, no. Just everything else. Of course, that's why it hasn't been interesting with writing. But, I grow tired of excuses and whining. My own, that is -- anyone else, I'm right there for you. What I have been doing is looking -- with new eyes -- at things I've written. I know, past tense. Yet I feel, is this avoidance? Hell yeah. But, is it lesser avoidance to, at least, read and consider past writings, or, not do anything at all? Perhaps this is just another excuse...I don't care, it's what's getting me to sleep at night. So, I've decided to re-think a couple of my pieces. I re-read a few things and these things did not suck...shocking! Not sure, yet, what to do with these, but, they've got me thinking. So, this next week, my plan is to figure out what my plan is. YIKES! Not all. Except in my own mind. So, where's your mond at?