Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Those Darn Kids And Their Crazy Music

I've been feeling a little...stressed (I hate writing that -- I mean, I'm not the President or anything), and I've been trying to figure out how to rid myself of said stress without starting smoking (again) or drinking (excessively) or eating (too many) Frito's.

But, today, as I was driving to work, I put in a cd that someone had made for me a while ago -- I had forgotten what songs were even on it, but I slid it into the console and as the first strums of the guitar came through the speakers, I instinctively turned up the volume and as the song reached the chorus I cranked that puppy even louder.

I should have been pulled over for some kind of noise ordinance violation.

I turned into a head-banging, scream-singing, grunge-rockin' momma. I know. Pretty scary.

But, here's what happened -- I had an epiphany. I suddenly realized why those crazy kids like to listen to ear-drum-bleeding loud music -- when the music's that loud, it squeezes everything else out, there's no room for stress, or doubt or sadness. It's just the music, and you have to surrender yourself to it, for that short amount of time -- just the sweet, sweet sound of whatever kind of head-banging, ear-bashing, mind-blowingly loud music you choose.

And you'll see, for those 4 minutes or so, you'll be in a kind of hard core bliss. I'm not saying your problems or stresses will be gone, but, maybe after that mini-vacation (like band camp)you'll be able to deal with them just a little better.

The song I listened to is: Everlong, by The Foo Fighters. What's your favorite de-stresser? I've posted a link at my facebook page for Everlong -- it's awesome, but you have to play it reallyreallyreally loud.