Sunday, September 20, 2009

Working The Jelly

Honestly, sometimes I think I'm hip and cool and all that...and then I remember I'm a 50 year old with a granddaughter. D'oh!

So, I've decided to ramp-up my hip-ability and my friend Don is helping me -- or trying to help -- he's decided to add a cool-word/verbiage a week to my vernacular. Oh, so not cool.

Workin' The Jelly: to have your plans jell. To be actively working towards a goal. I like this, I like to think of my work-in-progress as workin' the jelly, or workin' my jelly.

Plus it makes me laugh. Always good. It makes me imagine my Muse dancing and shaking and really, really workin' her jelly, all for the greater good, but her workin' it, makes me work it. See?

So, now I'm trying to think of all the ways I can help my Muse work the jelly...because we all need help. Even Muses. So, I've asked some friends to help me brainstorm, we'll all be workin' the jelly. I think my Muse is happy.