Monday, July 15, 2013

#blogitjuly Mash-Up Mania (Due To Laziness!)

How do you think you will fare in the zombie apocalypse?

Since I am the hero of my own story, I'd like to think I'd fare pretty well--sure there'd be terror, nightmarish situations, and probably no more Peppermint Bon-Bon ice cream and I have no athletic ability or McGuyver-like skills, yet I'm sure I'd survive in a mobile hold-out with all my loved ones.

What are 3 of your favorite love songs?

At Last, by Etta James
You and I, by Lady Gaga
Everlong, by Foo Fighters
This list can change without notification and sometimes includes, but is not limited to:
Born To Run, by Bruce Springsteen
Roll To Me, by Del Amitri
Fall At Your Feet, by Crowded House...

What is your last meal?

Lobster with drawn butter
Baked Sweet Potato with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon
mushrooms fried with butter, garlic and parmesan cheese
Chopped Salad from Gino's in Chicago
Apple Pie (warmed) with cinnamon ice cream
Cabernet Sauvignon
Coffee (the best coffee) with whipping cream

What do you do when you need to unplug, de-stress and stop thinking about the world?


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