Friday, September 16, 2011


My desk is like my refrigerator -- if I wait long enough, I don't have to figure out what to do/make with all the stuff, I can just toss it.
Amy Kennedy 8/01/11

I thought this quote as I was waiding through the brilliant ideas detritus (I love that word) of my desk. Half the stuff I couldn't even be sure what the scribbles were related to and the other half's still waiting.

The stoopid thing is, I'm an organized person. School stuff all in file marked School (present year), tax receipts in appropriate folders, bed made, dishes washed, house clean(ly-ish). My desk? My desk is an unwieldy crap storm. Ah well, what're you gonna do?

Clearly my desk is my Waterloo.
What's your Waterloo? And, would organizing my desk make my writing life any easier?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Renewing My ROW80 Vows...Vegas Style! Oh, Poop.

Okay, maybe not Vegas style, but I am renewing my goals and that reminded me of renewing vows and that reminded me of my girlfriend and her husband who did renew their vows when they were in Vegas -- with an Elvis impersonator. It was awesome!

I want my writing goals to be awesome too -- or, at least, to exist. And if I need an Elvis to do it -- so be it. See how he's motivating me?

I've been woefully absent from check-ins and am feeling the nagging sense of "not trying hard enough" bouncing in my brain. Sure life has hit me with it's very essence of lifeness, ie: a crapstorm of yuck. But, like all good midwesterners, I know we need that shit manure to grow some fine stuff.

Okay, goals:
Write and attach scene cards to Big Board
Write full outline, send to critique partner
Write 2 blogs a week (sheesh, at least)

This is it. This is my awesome. If I can complete this it really will be my awesome!

Happy writing everyone! How's everyone else doing?