Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This blog (and writer) have been many things, okay, maybe not many but certainly a few things. None of which were any one thing -- you know what I'm talking about?

Jack of all trades master of fricken none. Dang.

So, I had a mini epiphany, and believe me when I tell you, I know -- I've had them before. And, again with the dang. I don't feel confident to give writing advice, sheesh! I stumble upon most things that work for me. I'm not always up on cool blog posts, I get behind. My life can be sort of interesting, if you're me. Which you aren't.

What I can do -- I think -- is find really awesome books, books for research, maybe even books for writing. Very cool books come across the service/circulation desk at ye old library, from whence I receive my paycheck. And I want to share those with you. They might not even be books that I would need for research. They might be awesome books on...covert ops for the CIA, or wine making, or Inventing the Century...right? Right? And if I happen to find a cool website or, you know, real life site, I'll share that too.

So, I'll start off with two books that go together, because they were written by the same person! And are ridiculously entertaining and educational. Warning: really foul (hysterical) language.

The first is: BADASS. I love history (not so much when I was in school, but now I do) I especially love history that is written without the goal of putting me to sleep! So, not only is this a book on pretty wild historical figures, it's written in such a smack in your face, laugh your ass off way that you can't help but want to keep reading.
The second Ben Thompson book is: BADASS The Birth of a Legend. This book, written in the same way, is about...you guessed it Legends. From mythology to literature, From the Mighty Thor to Professor Moriarty to Captain James T. Kirk. Serious awesomeness.

Check out these books -- if for no other reason than entertainment (but you will learn something, I promise!)

Got research? Tell me about it, what and how, I'd really love to know!