Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fashion Sense

So, I was gonna write a post about fashion, but it didn't translate well...I sounded mean, and judgemental, and maybe patronising. I'm not those things. Am I?

I wanted to sound helpful, and friendly, and maybe even joyful -- 'cuz, I want everyone to look good and feel good about themselves. No, really, I do.

How's this?:
Wear longer jeans! Your legs will look longer aaaand, you'll feel good.
Wear clothes that fit you! Not too little, not too big...just right. You'll feel better and look better too.
Look outside the black! Brown, red, aubergine -- they're all good colors.

I know, still kind of patronising. I thought the exclamation points would help. I just don't want to sound mean girl-ish, or, rather, woman-ish. And everyone should feel comfortable in their clothes, but I'm not talking sweat pants comfortable -- okay, maybe, if you're at home and there's no chance someone will see you, no chance, got that?

I know we all want to be loved for who we are and not how we look...but, it kinda feels good to look good.