Thursday, February 28, 2013

Row 80 Check-in, Late Again!

I blew right past last Sunday's check-in and now I'm late for Wednesday's.

Clearly, something's wrong. With me. ::sigh::

I was doing pretty good through Sunday too, really should have posted on a high note.
Last week, I did get three hours butt in chair--with some good advancement in the editing/rewriting.
Then, kaplouey!!!

I'm changing my goals...again. 

There's a part of me that is so disappointed in myself, for not rocking this last goal, for changing my goals again, for so many things... luckily, there is a louder, bossier part of me that says, "who gives a rat's ass? Do, what you have to do. And if that means changing your flipping goal every check-in, so be it!"

Without further ado, my new and improved goals:
(Got this from Chuck Wendig's terrible minds kick butt blog)
Edit 5 pages a day
If writing is needed--added scene, expand a scene, write 350 words a day

Minimum of 22 minutes a day of one of the following:
Brisk walk
Ice Skate
Stationary bike

Here I go again...I'm off to check on all of you.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amy, the weeks are going by incredible fast, aren't they! I am never sure what day it is.

    Don't worry about revising your goals: modification can be a good sign, particularly if the end product is helpful to you. I hope these goals are a better fit and that you thrive.

    Best wishes.