Sunday, February 10, 2013


Hi Rowers!

A (short) List of Awesome:
Made dinner with youngest, in which a bacon weave was involved!

Filmed dog and youngest in popcorn catching contest!

Having a weird time, pulling the proverbial teeth to get anything written. I have a you-know-what storm of happening right now, but I don't think that's it.

I was thinking about this as I folded some laundry--some good ideas can come whilst folding boxers--my characters came to mind and how they might feel about me NOT writing.

Which is when I started asking them questions...
Look, I know that sounds flaky, but it happened, and I went with it.

Here's what they said:
Me: So...what are you guys doing?
Van: What are we doing? What are you doing? Seems like a whole lot of nothing.
Eva: That's harsh. You don't have to be mean Van. Although, he kind of has a point.
Me: Okay, okay I know what you mean. I can't seem to get back in the story.
Eva: What helped you before?
Van: I hope it was the sex.
Eva: Oh, you!
Me: He's kind of right, when I made the big push to finish a lot of it was sex.
Van: Yes!
Me: But I think more than anything I love the banter.
Eva: Yes, I love it too. Never thought I was one for bantering, but he just brings it out in me.
Van: Really, I'd never guess.
Eva: There you have it, and that's why I have to say it to her.
Van: Touche.
Me: Ha! Okay, maybe I can do this now.
Van: Well, I hope so, I really want to get back to the...banter.
Eva: too!

And then I wrote, now this was pretty late, and I only wrote one page, but it was one page that wasn't written before!

I realized how much I miss these characters, and I want to make their story as rich as I can. So, I'm doing it for them. 


  1. Oh, I'm quite sure a you-know-what storm can distract plenty from writing. I know I write best and most when my life is nice and boring, not exciting. Congrats on getting the page done anyway, and here's to a calmer life with more words in the future!

  2. Hey, thanks Ruth! Got three more pages written last night, maybe life is getting more boring...

  3. I think every writer goes through this but it sounds like your characters are a lot of fun and definitely worth getting back to.

    I'm in a bit of a slump myself right now. Pounded out 65,000 words like it was nothing and then just sort of fizzled off and doesn't help that I have the friggin stomach flu. ugh.

    1. Hi Tamara! They are fun, I think I get bogged down when I have to figure out what's going on around them...I love dialogue, wish that was all I had to worry about! So sorry you're not feeling well :(
      Feel better now.

    2. And then I forgot to write how my jaw dropped at your 65,000 words written! I get that whole fizzling thing though. Sometimes that happens, you'll get your mojo back!

  4. It's fun talking to characters! If I'm struggling, sometimes I'll write a scene in stream of consciousness from one characters' pov, not worrying about proper sentences or descriptions, just getting the feelings and the flow right. We can always edit after!

    1. Deniz, that's brilliant! And, I swear I know when I let go, it all comes out and I reach an epiphany. But sometimes I can't get past my BRAIN!