Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, Sunday... or Monday

Quick and dirty...and, um, late check-in.

Finally started to do some research, yay!
Did not write a new scene, boo!
Sponsorship, yay!
Life balance/order, yay-ish! This is not so cut and dry--have some soul-searching on this, but feeling confident.

Have been busy getting a guest post together from the lovely and talented Jamie Ayres

Her new YA 18 Things is released and we're celebrating! She'll be here tomorrow Tuesday February, 5th! With a cool 18 Things You Should Know as a Writer post. Check it out tomorrow!

Off to check-up on how you all are doing!


  1. Loving this book cover! Good luck with the week ahead on your goals. X

  2. Isn't it great! Thanks for stopping by Shah! Hope you drop by tomorrow for Jamie.

  3. I am thrilled to comment on the later posters since I didn't even update on Sunday since I was too embarassed about how little I did! Thank Goodness now I don't feel so alone and I will post anyway. Plus I think your progress was admirable.

    1. I barely did anything and posted! Now you don't have to be embarrassed. Oh and thank you for thinking I had done something slightly admirable...