Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello Wednesday!

Well now it's Thursday...nearly Friday!

Wrote three more pages so far this week. Think I have to re-write my goals, I'm making that one of my goals for the rest of this week: rewrite goals!

That. Is about it.


I'm in the middle of another change. At the beginning of last year I had a huge change--I was promoted and moved to a new library. Writing it makes it sound insignificant, but it wasn't. I had been at my old library for 15 years, I had connections with the patrons and the staff was my family.

Now I've made new connections and I love my "new", of course, I am gearing up for another change. I've been asked to supervise (circulation staff) two smaller libraries (I co-supervise at a large library right now). So, now two more libraries to get to know, staff and patrons alike.

I am bittersweet. It feels as if I have just found my land legs and now it's back to sea. But I am always up for a challenge and I know how lucky I am to have work--especially work I enjoy. I hope to be able to focus on writing again. Soon.

How's everyone else doing?


  1. Oh I'd be nervous too - new people more than a new place. I hate the initial phase before you know you can relax around people. Small talk - eek! But it also sounds like you love that work and in that line of work, you get to be challenged and sometimes we find the best of selves when forced out of our comfort zone (as I'm sure you've found since last year). Best of luck. X

  2. Thanks Shah! It will be interesting to see how new personalities will mesh. And, you're right--I do need to be forced from my comfort zone now and again!

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  4. See, this is why I never show I'm competent at anything - they just promote you, and give you more responsibility and pay rises and shower you with gratitude and diamonds...Wait, what was my point again?

    Seriously, I hate change. I'm bad at it, which is why Mrs Dim was the perfect lady to marry. She can't go three months in a row without shaking things up. It makes for an interesting life!