Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yikes! A Late Check-in

Life! Lots of life and hardly any writing -- that's about it for my check-in!

I did get 2 hours of brainstorming
I did not get 2 hours of outlining

I did put on a Holiday party
I did get an interview for a higher position
I have gone to several wrestling meets
And a band concert
And a Holiday get-together

My goals for this next week (and I do mean week, now through next Wed.):

Set in Bite Size Pieces, or Fun Size!

Write one page of outline, just one -- a start
Add one page of new writing to ANYthing
Floss every day.

That's it. That. Is. It.

Okay, now to check on some ROW80 friends...


  1. Well done on getting your brainstorming done and I hope you have a great week!

  2. Thanks Komal -- a bright sided comment if I ever saw one!

  3. LOL! 2 hours of brainstorming and 2 hours of outlining in the middle of the other craziness you had going on sounds pretty good to me. :)

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  5. Comment try two (hello, blogger, you're on crack tonight):

    Two hours of brainstorming is better than no hours of brainstorming! And a WOOT to you for getting an interview for a higher position! That's awesome.

    K, now get back to writing, you. I expect to see something from you someday soon... :)

  6. Crystal -- I would agree, but I only doid the brainstorming, not the outlining...but thanks for the kind words!

    J.K. yeah, yeah, I know it's better than nothing, and thanks for the WOOT! It's one of those weird things, great if I get it, but I love the library where I work now and would just love to stay there. So either way it's good.

  7. I did not know you work at a library. Super cool. So you're surrounded by plenty of writing inspiration every day! I'm glad it's a win for you either way. :)