Sunday, December 18, 2011


  1. Sung to Silverbells:

    Slackerdom….slackerdom, it’s ROW80s push to the last week…bumbumbum. You’re a bum…Such a bum, can’t even write a damn page.
    I was going to go on, but I’m slacking and just don’t feel like it…

    I just posted this as a comment over at Jenny Hansen's blog More Cowbell and I realized it summed up my feelings, plus I thought it clever...for a slacker.

    I have done some things.
    I wrote 2 pages of new material for my WIP.
    AND started a haphazard outline -- pure slackering.

    Yet, I've continued to hold down my full time job and decorate and part-ay. AND Christmas shop. Whoo!'s everyone else doing?


  1. Hey, 2 pages of new material is 2 pages you didn't have before. We can't always make stellar progress, but as long as you can keep pushing forward, you're doing well. Good luck for the rest of the round :)

  2. Well now, that's FAR more than I got so wahoooo to you! :-) It's the time of year for pure slackering...we can get back to our serious writer selves come 2012! LOL!

  3. You don't sound like so much of a slacker to me. I'd say you're doing a whole lot more than most!

  4. Rebecca, pushing forward...definately pushing. Thanks for stopping by!

    Natalie, Ha! I hope you're never a serious writer self!

    Alleged, maybe I'm reading the wrong check-ins! Thanks for the kind words -- and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Golly gee, Amy, you make me sooooo giggly. Getting a little something done is definitely better than getting nothing at all done. Glad for your two pages. Keep up the good work!

  6. Yeah, you're right, somethings always better than nothing -- glad I made you giggly :)