Sunday, November 27, 2011


How the heck did it get to be November 27th folks? Seriously. On the bright side, Thanksgiving was a success, had my birthday the day after -- yay! -- still love birthdays. Received some excellent gifts. My husband and youngest surprised me with a Kindle Fire, the gorgeousity of it is mind-blowing.

On to the ROW80 check-in (which I skipped on the 23rd -- too busy!)
The nano portion of my goals was bringing me down and what I failed to really see was I was succeeding in my ROW goals -- my writing esteem far too enmeshed with nano, and what I perceived as failure in nano land was, by no means, failure in darling ROW80.

The weird thing is after I decided to simply give-up on nano, I came across all these lovely posts about, basically, not giving up. So I decided to keep at it. Once I made my decision I sort of loosened up and felt better all around. Now, I'm not going to be writing 34,000 words this next week, but I have been averaging 1k a day -- and that, my friends, is not shabby!

How's everyone else doing?


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  2. Your Kindle Fire really is gorgeous! You're going to have all sorts of fun with that. I want one now! *sulks*

    Oh my gosh, Amy! 1k a day is such great progress! Sometimes I write 200 words a day and I'm happy because at least I wrote something.

    It's great that you haven't given up on NaNo. Even if you don't hit 50k, at least you have been trying your hardest.

    Good luck with your writing for this week!

  3. Well done on keeping going with Nano. 1K a day is good going if you ask me. :) x

  4. Komal, don't sulk -- remember your pretty bookshelves. And you! With over 3000 words in one day! I'm so proud -- even though I had nothing whatsoever to do with it!

  5. Thanks Laura! I know -- at the start of this ROW my goal was 100 words a day, so I've come a ways.

  6. Great job on sticking with the writing, whether you reach 50k by December 1st or not. Your description of tying too much self-esteem in NaNo is one of the biggest that I don't do it; I need to have stronger faith in myself--as you do--to face that challenge.

    You're going great guns on ROW80--you keep going!

  7. Stronger faith in ourselves -- love it Elizabeth. I hope I can maintain that now. Thanks for stopping by.