Sunday, November 20, 2011


Wrote over 1k words since Wednesday's check-in (yay! for ROW80, not so much so for nano -- not sure, but I may have broken-up with nano).

Rearranged the office...and the living room...and the bedroom. Phew! So excited about this, and while I don't have the cool shelves Komal has, I now have so much room -- I can spread out all my writing shtuff at my desk and wheeeeel my chair around the office for fun. Both very important for productivity.

Youngest woke up sick Friday -- strep. Got some writing done, but I have an obsession with washing everything when someone's sick, so spent the day nursing and washing.

Lots of planning with the other Kennedy Women for new undertaking of THOSE KENNEDY WOMEN! We're building the blog and should be hitting the blog-o-sphere December 1st. Cross your fingers.

Feel so excited about all the things going on in my life!



  1. Maybe you and NaNo need to see other people.

    Yay! My bookshelves got a shout out! *goes into study to creepily gaze at them again*

    I'm getting very excited about THOSE KENNEDY WOMEN - gosh, I love that name!

    Wheely chairs are so much fun! I have a lot of room in my study now, so I've been wheeling around too.

    Good luck with your goals this week!

  2. Komal -- I should have put in a link, maybe I'll go back and do that, so other people can see your lovely bookshelves! Thanks for the excitement. Ha! Yes, nano and I should see other people...that kills me.

  3. I just finished cleaning up our office/library and have yet to wheel my chair across the open space in the middle....what's wrong with me???

    Well, it's not technically finished until we get the day bed in there (office/library/guest room, yeah!), so maybe I'm waiting for that. Either way, it's SO great to get stuff all cleaned and organized and rearranged! I'm almost a little sad that all the moving stuff is done so there's no more else to do unless I decide to change things, hmm....

    Great work on your goals, even if NaNo is being a little troublesome (I'm having my NaNo issues, too, omg). I hope the kidlet is feeling better and that the rest of your week is great, Amy!

  4. Ha! When we have guests we blow-up the queen size mattress and in it goes to the office! Wish we had a daybed, or Murphy bed. Uhhh, you HAVE to wheel your chair around -- I think it helps when you're stuck on a scene too. I think organizing, rearranging is my favorite thing to do -- I should have a show on HGTV or something.

    Child is great, back in school!

    I feel as if I'm just ignoring nano now. Need to face it, and either re-commit or leave.

  5. oh I so agree on the wheeling chair around the room - a must for creativity:)
    shame about nano but hey relationships dont always work out

    keep smiling and all best for coming week

  6. Sounds like lots of excitement! I'm not doing NANO, but have been getting a lot of writing done anyways.

  7. alberta ross -- I agree, I think any physical activity is good for creativity, especially if it's fun!

    alexia -- that's awesome about lots of writing. I was doing so well and things just sort of fell apart -- but, no worries! It'll get back together