Sunday, November 13, 2011

ROW80 CHECK IN and recalculation: : :

Recalculating: : : :
I have turned left when I was suppose to turn right and now my writerly GPS (which has a lovely British accent) needs to recalculate.

And that is where I am. In need of recalculating.
I started round 4 with  a dose of reality, a mere 100 words a day, some check-ins with other ROWers, and a few blog posts. It was, for the most part, doable. Kinda boring, yet, doable. Then that hussy nano came strutting into the final weeks of October and got me all hot and bothered and bursting to try (yet again) to write a book in a month.

Damn her. Sort of.

Am I writing waaay more than 100 words a day? Yes.
Am I excitied about my novel? Yes.
Am tired of the ad infinitum posts on loving/hating, wanting to kill the idea of it? Yes, YESS, YYYEEESSSSS!!

Yikes. Not only that, but last night my 12 yo said, "Hey, mom, do you wanna play a board game?" and for a nano (yes, I wrote that) second, I thought, oooh, I was gonna write, I'm behind in nano, I can't play, I need to do this. Thankfully, my mama brain slapped my nano brain, and it shut-up.

My son and I played Scrabble for two hours. It was great.

Recalculating: : : :
I love ROW80, ROW80 doesn't make me think writing should come before playing Scrabble. ROW80 still holds me accountable, yet it does so gently.
I forgot to mention, out printer died, my husband bought a new printer and suddenly everything needs to be moved and purged and redefined...recalculating: : :

So, here's my new ROW80 goals:
ORGANIZE office.
Write a book, get the core of it down, as fast as I can. Without guilt.
Check in with other ROWers
Develope new blog with my sister and mom (fun!)
Have Fun!

How's everyone else doing? Any nano thoughts?


  1. NaNo does have a way of throwing a jet-fueled curve ball right through our worlds. But, its all good and Scrabble, is a writerly activity, for sure.

    Your recalibration plan sounds like a winner, Amy.

    Hope your week is a great one :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Gene. Scrabble is a writerly activity -- we play a travel scrabble, with an egg timer -- gives it that nano feel: hown many words can I come up with in a minute?

  3. Yeah, RoW80 is pretty great for recalculating, too, while NaNo seems dead set against it. I'm falling behind in my NaNo because I had the audacity to go help a friend one evening and work too much during the weekend. Blast....

    But that's okay, because friends and family and Scrabble are ultimately more important, anyway. Your plan sounds solid, so keep up the good work and have an excellent week ahead!

  4. Exactly L.S., Glad you chose helping a friend over word count. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I'm behind on my NaNo too, but I'm not overly sad about it either. It was a last minute decision to even participate. I chose Row 80 as my means to support my writing life. Row 80 is a life partner. NaNoWriMo is a hot fling. Therefore, it doesn't really matter what happens with NaNo as long as I take care of my Row 80 home. Good job keep your priorities in order!

  6. I can see how NaNo can take over your life in November. At least it's only a month long. LOL.

  7. "hussy nano" *laughs* She is a slut for sure. Sounds like you're having some "crazy" fun. Good job and keep it up.

  8. It's so great that you're exceeding your goals! That's always a good thing!

    What I love about ROW is that it builds you up to be a more solid and consistent writer. NaNo gives you more of a drive to write as much as you can in a month which, personally, I find very unrealistic.

    Some days I never write a word down but ROW doesn't make me feel guilty about it. I work my life around my ROW goals because it's tailored to work for me.

    NaNo doesn't work for a lot of people, but I really do admire the people who do so well in a month. I am cheering them on! Just, for me, it won't work.

  9. Yolanda! Ha! Your reference to ROW80 being a life-partner and nano a hot fling had me hhoting -- it is spot on. I'm so much calmer now, I can still have the excitement of nano, with the stability of ROW80. Thanks

  10. Sonia -- it's like I had to talk myself away from the edge...

    Ryan -- thanks for that! I know, she is a hussy and Yolanda backs me up on it.

  11. Exactly Komal! I loved your post with your almost hourly logs, I want to do that, yet I have a feeling it wouldn't be as funny. Oh well.

  12. NaNo novels are TOTAL hussies like that. Them tempt and tease you and offer you sweet bliss and then they turn into the crazy psycho girlfriend that leaves little heartshaped notes on the windshield of your car by the end of the month.

  13. Great that you stopped and played Scrabble with your son! A child should always feel that they come first with their mom!

  14. Scribblingpencil, ha! Forgot about the psycho girlfriend portion of it, you are so right.

    Hi Liz, thanks, I agree. Which is why I would never pass-up time with my kids.