Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I wasn't going to check-in. I thought to myself, self, you kinda are sucking right now at the whole writing thing. You were not gonna give up on nano, and you were doing pretty good. And then Monday came...and that was it.

I think I'm having some kind of end-of-November let down.
Oh, I'm okay, and soon I will have re-Pollyanna'd myself, and start believing in my work again. I just need a step back. I think I'm still a wee bit disappointed in my lack of effort for nano -- I know, I know -- my ROW80 goals were still being hit -- now I'm not doing either. Sheesh.

Okay, I was going to post a music video -- ended-up as it's own post, so, that's it above!

It's all good. How's about you guys?


  1. Aww. No end-of-November let downs allowed! I know you love writing. So why the lack of effort? "It's all good" when it isn't. *hugs*

  2. Ryan, thank you. I feel better, actually lots -- I think now that November is over (really over) I can breathe. And look at my work.

  3. We all have bad writing moments. And whatever you wrote for NaNo, it's something you didn't have before so YAY for that. Get some chocolate and celebrate! :)


  4. Agree with above comments. Keep on with the writing, you do NOT kinda suck, and remember--every month can be a NaNo month if you so choose. I sometimes think, actually, that NaNo produces so much anxiety in writers that its intended purpose backfires because we get so down on ourselves for not writing as much as we were "supposed" to. (At least, that's what happened to me the one time I tried it. ;)

    Ultimately, it is all good, for sure! You'll get back in the gung-ho writing saddle when you're meant to. And I am here to send you email nudges if necessary. :)

  5. scribblingpen (love your name!) thanks for that and the chocolate idea. I think my son still has some Halloween candy around here...

  6. Jesi! You stopped by -- thanks, and thanks for the pep talk. I really do feel so much better now -- I need to get a new post up here so people don't think I'm still mopy about my writing.