Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ROW80 Check In. Where am I?

ROW80 check-in. Star Date, July 27th, 2011.

We find ourself in a strange, non-writing place. The inhabitants are friendly and the climate temperate. Which only leads to our own inability to put words on much longer can we go on?

This strange place's name? Staycation.
All silliness aside, I had great plans for this staycation 2 weeks of no work and lots of writing time. Yeah, not so much so. As you can see Sunday, when I should have been writing a ROW80 check-in, I was at a Twins game with our youngest. Monday and Tuesday a bit of writing got done, mainly for a contest. Plus, another baseball game, little league semi-finals. They lost :( after rallying back from a 5 run deficit, they were ahead by 1...other team had last ups and they pulled it off.

Plus, I don't know what I was thinking: no work. Ha! No work, except for laundry and vacuuming and dusting and organising and cooking. Not to mention all the stuff that needs to be done, but not enough time like, re-paint porch and basement. Crap.

Enough with the whining.
Even more than new words on the page, I need to nail the outline for my YA steampunk/fantasy.
Brainstorm and notecard outline
Re-write query 
Post on Blog 2x a week not counting ROW80 check-ins

I'm not posting a goal for wordcount this go around. We'll see how I feel on Sunday.
How's everyone else doing?


  1. We all need a break at times. Those recharge times are important to maintain our creativity. Strangely, it is also easier to be creative when we are under pressure (at least for many that I know, myself included). Enjoy your time with family and be ready for the flood of creativity once your back.

  2. Heh, are we all writing steampunk these days? *g*

    Good luck on getting the outline done!

  3. Good for you not writing and going to a Twins game. Maybe that means you're wip is good enough, eh? ;P Breaks are good for the soul.

  4. During this whole round, I haven't had word count goals, because I was editing, polishing, tweaking, etc. Hard to feel like anything is getting done. But then one day, I realized that I was ready to send the work out to Beta readers.

    My goals haven't felt very "major," though. They were goals like "work for three hours a week editing."

    And yes, we have to take time out for other things, like watching grandkids, doing housework, running errands, etc.

    It's good to enjoy our people!

  5. Gene -- it is a strange thing, the whole creativity under pressure. I also find the more I have to do, the more I get done.

    Ruth -- I know! Luckily there are so many shades of steampunk, I'm beginning to think I should call mine: goddess punk!

    Alleged -- Ha! I'm thinkin' no. But I am more than happy to be spending time w/ family.

    Laurel-Rain -- I feel like what you did is huge! Sent out to Beta readers is awesome. Enjoying our people...yes! I love it.

  6. Sometimes it's just good to get away, even in your own town. Play tourist for a bit.

    Also, check my blog tomorrow, as promised. I posted about MN


  7. I just gave you an award on my blog...I'd love it if you stopped by and checked it out :)

  8. I hopped over from Angie's blog and wanted to say hi! I have the same problem with finding time to write with all the summer activites going on! Good luck with your book!

  9. Isn't it great how we can adjust our ROW80 goals? A staycation sound awesome! Glad you got the housework out of the way :-)

  10. Oooh I love the idea of a "staycation" :) I'm a stay at home mom and I totally understand how you can work all day around the house and not find time for writing.

    Good luck on your steampunk outline! (I so wish I could write steampunk, its my new fav genre!)

    By the way, I left you an award on my blog :) stop by if you get a chance.

  11. Awesome Amy! I think my entire summer was a staycation (so I could host others on vacation)

  12. Hey, cool! Thanks Angie -- gotta get my act together and reciprocate! Since, I already love your blog.

    Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by -- I'll check out your site too.

    Deniz -- my housework is NEVAH out of the way. I hate that!

    K.V. -- see, I know! Sometimes I think the less time I have at home the more I get accomplished...because, I have to. Thanks! I'll definately check it out. I love all this sharin-oh-the-love!

    ST Shelly B -- You must live in a very cool place, if you're hosting other people's vacas. I've decided the way to a great staycation is no guilt allowed.