Friday, March 13, 2009

Schlepping to Creativity

I feel as if my brain has been dipped in molasses and then dredged through flour and then stuffed back into my skull.

Not pretty, not pretty at all.

I have a rough draft done of a contemporary--very rough. Unfortunately there were "problems." Like the hero was not acting heroic, and I'm not just talking about being a big bad alpha bastard, I mean he had a bad goal. Badbad goal. So I had to re-work that...then I pretty much had to re-work everything else.

But not on the computer--I can't. That's where I'm stuck. I can write on the yellow legal pads and the 3x5 cards, I can even write on napkins, but set me down in front of my laptop with my manuscript open, well, I can't do it. And the stupid thing is, I know the more I say, "I can't do it," the more I'll believe it.


So, I like him with a good clean heroic goal--but what if I could have redeemed him even with the bad stuff, would that solve my problems? Or, do I just need to quit whining and get my butt in front of the laptop with the manuscript open and the cursor blinking?

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