Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sammy, and I Don't Mean The Good Kind

I know we all love a good sammy, here's one of my faves, Clive Owen, moi, Daniel Craig.

Now that's a good sammy! But I'm not talking about good sammys today. I'm dealing with some serious stuff lately...and so I shouldn't have even joked about the Clive/Daniel thing, but I also know I need some humor, cuz that's how I roll.

My Mom is a powerhouse, an 86 year old public speaker, author and fashionista. If you happen to say to her, "Gee, I should paint my living room." she'll show up with a ladder and a roller before you've hung up the phone.

My youngest is a different kind of a powerhouse, rarely sick (and I mean rarely) plays baseball, football, soccer and wrestling. A funny kid who's just as willing to laugh at himself as anything else.

Within the last 5 days my son has had a mysterious ailment, sometimes waking him up in the middle of the night, which naturally leads to me waking up in the middle of the night. During this same time my Mom was admitted to the hospital. So between Urgent Care and hospital time and a Pediatrician appointment, I'm feeling...sandwiched.

How do you cope? I try for lots of humor and no vacuuming. But the running has fallen off and I know I need to keep up with the excersize, 'cuz that will help me cope as well. But tell me how you cope.


  1. A good book usually helps me. I try to find as quiet a corner as possible and get lost in the story.

    Sorry to hear about your son and your mom. My sister's neighbor has this saying -- "If it's not cockroaches, it's pissants."

    Looks like you have both.


  2. Thanks for the laugh Marilyn. Both are much better now. The pediatrician suggested solving the symptoms, instead of trying to figure out what was what--and that's been working.

    My mom is home now, with new meds and a new plan. So==what a difference a day makes.