Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Check-in With my Brain (ROW80)

What I don’t know (a sampling)

I don’t know How many angels can dance on my pin head
I don’t know what easy as pie means. Does it mean, as easy as making pie? Because, that is not easy—unless you cheat and buy a frozen crust and canned fruit filling.
Now, eating pie? That is easy. Maybe the saying should be:
Easy as eating pie.

I don’t know how to let the bright shiny things be. Just let them be!

I don’t know how to express my love for and stupidity about Quantum Physics and String Theory including other universes
I don’t know where the show “Firefly” could have gone if not cancelled. OKAY, they gave me “Serenity” but, come-on!

What I do know (a sampling)

I do know when I write, I write, which in turn makes me write more.
I do know every time I send something out I am braver and braver (also willing to take more risks—because they’re really not risks since I’m not published yet!)
I do know when I feel a part of a community and with some healthy competition I write more.
I do know that I can write whatever the hell I want and if I want to write a Steampunked mythological zombie-fied automaton novel of revenge, I fricken can! Or, you know, a romance is good too.

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