Sunday, January 13, 2013


There is a moment of clarity as your car careens sideways across a street that is now a skating rink, right before it jack-rabbits up the curb scooping out snow and packing it in around itself:

Huh, you say to your brain, I have no control!

The next thought is...well, maybe we'll leave that one alone. Suffice it to say, no one was hurt, I met a lovely woman (whose yard my car landed in), I was not the first car in her back yard...nor the last, I had a nice chat (really!) with a city salt/plow driver, he was kind enough to take three passes with the salt truck on that crazy iced-up curve, and I got to stay in my car as the tow truck driver winched my car out and then dragged it out--it was fun. Really.

Life is like this.

And sometimes writing feels this way too. Which isn't altogether a bad thing. When we take our feet off the brakes of our imagination, brainstorms, first draft or fifth, we can end up in unexpected places!

Now, on to my check-in for ROW 80 

First basic pass on manuscript: complete 
Had to add this next step: 
Second pass, making extensive notes in notebook--which big scenes need to be added, what new research is needed, where to really deepen POV: more than halfway

What I'm loving the most about this process (a process I put off and off and off because I didn't know how to start) is I'm finally seeing the book and how it will/could look. I've been writing this book forever--constantly setting it in a corner for unruly behavior and then picking it back up again a year later. I love it that now I can see its potential.

Can't wait to see how everyone else is doing...


  1. You're back! And a sponsor to boot. Very cool. You're almost there. And yes, 2013 will be the year you get published. You can do it.

  2. Hi Ryan! Yeah, I decided to jump in with both those feet. If I don't push myself, I get very comfortable with thinking about someday...
    Thank you so much for stopping by! It means a lot.

  3. Glad you're okay! Sheesh!

    Writing is a lot like that sometimes... totally out of control. That's what I'm feeling with one of my books right now. Bad offspring. :)

    Good luck with your edits!

  4. Bad offspring! That is such a perfect description. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Ah, my WIPs know that corner for unruly behavior quite well--they are glaring at me something fierce, an I am glaring back. I'm not sure who is going to win the standoff. ;)

    Good luck with the edits!

  6. Lena, I love it! You know who's boss in the end. No matter what transpires when we lose control--we still own the delete button. Except in icy conditions...dang!

  7. Scary... very, very scary. I have never driven in ice/snow and I hate the thought of it. I don't even like driving in the rain.

    I like your analogy between your ice skating and writing. It's true.

    Keep going strong!

  8. Isn't that funny, what we're used to Cate. I have slid on icy roads so many darn times...But I don't like driving in the rain either!

  9. I know that feeling well - when the car slids its own way - scary glad no real harm done:) wouldn't be so sure who will win the stand off tho' you may control the delte button but who controls your imagination? eh? they are in there just waiting their. . . :)

  10. Oh, I know Alberta, I know. The little schemers! Thank you so much for stopping by!