Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time to Make the Check-In...

Wow. Time is moving at an incredible rate -- it do move quickly.

Tuesday was my fist day at new library/new position. After retrieving all the brain matter strewn about, I think it'll be good (a lot to learn). BUT, I now am the proud owner of my very own office, with a door, and a name plate, and everything. Big time.


Sunday: checked-in, wrote some new words and had another plot epiphany on BETWIXT. Readied posts for tKw
Monday: Posted on tKw. Had granddaughter all day, but did check in with other ROWers late that evening.
Tuesday: {{{brain fry}}}.
Wednesday: check-in. Very late. Posted tKw article.

Really did not know my brain would be this fried -- and no writing over lunch for a while. Still stepping like a baby, but that's okay.

I need to step back and figure out where I have some wiggle room -- I might be a weekend novelist for awhile!

How are you all doing?


  1. Being a weekend novelist is okay while you figure out the new job! Congrats!!! :)

  2. Hey, thanks might be that for now.

  3. Thanks for stopping in. My background wasn't supposed to be white. Between you and my writing buddy, I figured out that I had a coding issue for IE 6 and IE 7 browsers. All fixed now :) I totally understand the brain fry feeling. Nothing wrong with being a weekend novelist. If that's your process, that's your process. You know? I hope you get some "you" time in there!

  4. Hey Ryan -- I meant to tell you, you gave me the idea to change the color of my blog. Thanks

  5. Late check in for me as well. Good luck with your first ROW round of the new year!

  6. Hey Kate! I was just going to start The Angel & Her Gun, and I do mean, just start -- then I got interupted, I'll go back in a bit, can't wait.

  7. Late stopping by. Yeah for the new position and having your own office. Once upon a time I wished to be a librarian. Took another path, but we have so many books in our house, I could probably start my own. :) Thanks for stopping by. A weekend novelist works if that's all you have time for. After a while you'll find your 'wiggle' room.

  8. Robin, it's funny the paths we take and where we end up -- usually right where we want to be! The weekend novelist isn't working out so well either...trying to get caught up on everything from last week. I know it will settle down. Thanks.