Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Already with the recalculations?
Not quite, just some tiny shortcuts.

Forgot husband and child would be home on Monday: this changes everything. It's okay, it's  okaaaaay (is what I kept saying to myself).

8-9:15 did get a solid-ish hour of editing in, with some visiting of other ROWers thrown in for good measure.
9:15-on did not get to my brainstorm...then, so I recalculated and got a good 45 minutes in at work over my lunch.

TUESDAY: 45 minutes of brainstorming/outlining/notecarding over lunch. In the evening after made-up errands (not of my brain) more check-ins with brilliant ROWers.

WEDNESDAY: Today! Checking in, yay! Also wrote a welcome post for Those Kennedy Women Blog -- and the day is definately not over. I still want to check in with fellow Rows.

I'm still going to write a non-row post this blog. I've decided on doing a series of posts about living at a Parapsychology study center -- Kait Nolan gave me the idea, not directly, but she was my inspiration. They'll be my LIVING AT HARMONY posts. We'll see...

All in all, I'm pleased -- especially with the whole specificity aspect. Plus, I love wrting and saying that word: specificity. Brilliant.

How are you guys doing?


  1. Specificity - good word! I blew Monday, too. Forgot that the rest of the world had a holiday. But yesterday proved a good workday. Glad you got so much done and I love the idea of your Harmony posts.

  2. First time for row80. Good luck!

  3. I love the specificity too! I didn't know that I would! :) Sounds like you are doing a great job of fulfilling your goals. Good luck going forward!

    Thanks for leaving the supportive comment at my blog! I am loving meeting new people through row80!!

  4. Way to recalculate Amy! I'm terrified of such specificity. I'm glad it's working for you though.

  5. Wow. You've been busy. And those posts on your parapsychology study centre - will love to read those.

  6. Well done on the work you put in! Looking forward to reading about your posts on the Parapsychology centre.

  7. WOW, Amy!! You got more done than I would have with hubby and child at home. Good for you!! Keep on keeping on...

    And I'll keep cheering you. :-)

  8. Somehow that reminds of that Allstate "Mayham" commercial.. "Recalculating!" hehe. I love when I can get my writing in at lunch. So far so good :) Keep it up.

  9. Hi Marji, glad you had a good work day yesterday!

    Selena, ROW is awesome! Have fun.

    Heather, I agree, I never knew I would love it either, but the more I work at this writing thing, the more I realize I'm not the "seat of my pants" type of person that I thought I was.

    Yolanda -- it doesn't work for everyone, I know. Although...I used to think it didn't work for me, just sayin'.

    Hunter (best name ever)thanks for stopping by -- I feel like I have been busy, yet need to accomplish more...hmmm.

    Komal, hello there! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about the study center -- because, it's not that thrilling, just weird to have been an 11-13 year old living with all these other people. Oh, well, we'll see.

    Thanks Jenny! They are kind of time suckers, right? Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Hi Ryan, sometimes, that's the only time I get it in -- but I know that didn't work out so well for you this time. Thanks.