Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So, I'm already behind! But it's okay, it makes me laugh. Only because in my head I was thinking ROW80 started TODAY, not the 3rd -- when I actually posted my goals. Iiiidjit!

Okay, I've also spent the last two days writing a resume. (Confession: I've never had to write a resume, I know. )

So now here I am ready to start my goals. Yay! But now I have to make up for 3 days. Darn.
I did have an epiphany two days ago -- hey, maybe I should make regular epiphanies a goal -- initially I was taking my contemporary paranormal YA (that was finished but, had a distinct who are these people? to it) pulling it apart and using some of the premises and characters but making it historical and adding steampunk elements -- seemed easy.

Well, I stalled and I couldn't figure out why. Then it hit me; these people I was writing about weren't just my contemporary characters with different names. No. They were their own characters, damn it. Oh, and hey, the original characters? yeah, they wanted their lives back, but with purpose and cooler stuff.

So, now I have a YA that needs some major work, but most of the core stuff is done aaand I have my YA steampunkish that can now breath on its own. I am full up with shtuff and I love it.

What's happening with you guys?

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