Sunday, October 23, 2011

NaNoWriMo...Here We Go Again!

What am I thinking? Clearly, I've lost the rest of my mind. I have decided to once again try my heart, brain, familial patience, and finger dexterwity (I meant to write dexterity -- Dexterwitty. I like it) at National Novel Writing Month. Here's My author info. So now that I've signed-up again I have to. Dang.

I really think this whole "not quite believing what I've done" will come in handy -- kind of a Zen approach -- I really don't care if I do or not do so I may as well do. 
stock photo : Zen frog
Green frog will soon hop-to-it (sorry...not really) and get plotting/writing/accomplishing. Can't you feel it?

The week took unexpected, puffy dog turns*. 
Wrote a minuscule amount.
Did, or rather, am cleaning and re-arranging office.
Gearing up for nano. I know, I know, if I can't keep up with ROW80, how the heck do I think I can do Nano? Who knows?
New math maybe. Some kind of quantum writing physics.

* meaning: Homer Simpson walks down the street, sees man in a suit and monocle who looks exactly like him, "That man looks just like me!" Homer says and runs after him, until his eye is caught by: "That dog has a puffy tail!" and he forgets all about his twin and runs after the dog.

What are your "puffy dog moments?"


  1. What are your "puffy dog moments?"

    That's easy. I have a friendly wife and a Y chromosome so my distractions are predictable and never resented (at least not by me).

    Jay Holmes

  2. My puffy dog moments are litterally a puffy dog. I need to groom my poodle. Only I can do it. Sometimes I do it when she doesn't need it... just to avoid doing something else. My husband won't nag, because he doesn't want to do it, either.

  3. Jay -- you made me laugh. I love it. Thanks for stopping by Holmes.

  4. Jennifer, I know. Sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar, sometimes the puffy dogs are really dogs! Darn those animals and children who need to be groomed and fed.

  5. NaNo does tend to bend time and space ;)

  6. I knew it Ryan! It does have its own physics. Thanks rof stopping by.

  7. I love that Nano is secretly a time conspiracy of some kind. That explains a lot! Enjoy the calm before the storm :)

  8. I love the puffy dog thing! I have my version of that with, "Squirrel!" Mine's from the movie Up, the talking dogs who suddenly get distracted by a squirrel. Unfortunately for my, I seem to have a next of squirrels in my HEAD.

  9. Time conspiracy, Love it Vicki!
    Rantrave, we use the "squirrel!" one a lot in my house too -- I can envision baby squirrels in my brain now...yikes!