Sunday, July 8, 2012

ROW80 Check-In the Second

Feeling pretty positive about my goals.
Added 2581 words to my first draft (150 pages goal -- knocked off 10+ pages). woot!

Craft Reading:
The War of Art (have been for the last month  (I read and re-read and re-read) by Steven Pressfield. Pressfield is lyrical and persistent. He continually opens my eyes to Resistance.
The War of Art

250 Things You Should Know About Writing by, Chuck Wendig.
Chuck Wendig writes in your face, laugh out loud, reallyreallyreally no holds barred stuff we all need to hear, or read.
 250 Things You Should Know About Writing
Here's a sampling of one of the categories:
25 Things You Should Know About... Writing a Novel
1. Your First And Most Important Goal Is To Finish The Shit That You Started
{{{One of my favorite lines (because I'm so freaking guilty of it:}}}
Your hard drive is not a novel burial ground. {{Okay, two lines}} It's like building your own Frankenstein monster -- robbing a grave, stealing a brain, chopping up a body -- and then giving up before you let lightning tickle that sonofabitch to life.
A link to Chuck Wendig's blog: Terrible Minds

That's about it for now. Hope everyone is doing great.


  1. Sounds like you are coming right along in your goals! I am the worst for making goals because I don't seem to do them when their written down. That is awesome that you are just marking them off your list:)

  2. I made the mistake of adding: paint my house, to my list of goals and am getting a bit bogged down with that! And you may not get them done when you write them down -- but I know you accomplish tons of stuff! So, whatever works for you, right?

  3. Great job!! My 8-yr-old daughter has added paint her room purple to my list;-)

  4. I love it! Add three times the amount of time you think you'll need...just sayin'. I'm nearly done with the back of the house, my only consolation is it has the most weird stuff, so the sides and front should be a piece of cake. A really intense many layered cake.wait, that sounds good...