Thursday, March 3, 2011

Betty and/or Veronica

I was a Betty all the way. She seemed nice & sincere. A good girl. Which is what I strived for always...mostly. Then I got to know Veronica.

Veronica Mars, that is. Hellloooo mystery with a smartass teenage Private Eye helper daughter. Oh. Oh. Where were you when I was a teenager longing to be a smartass? Damn. When you were there (TV) I was so busy with life and little ones I kept forgetting that I wanted to watch you.

Until now.

Now, that which is the miracle of Netflix instant streaming, I can watch you. Cue heavenly music...aaaand, done. Look, I know in the great scheme of things, or even in my tiny schism of thing(s), Veronica Mars may not be the most important thing. But she is cool. And she's cool by sticking up for what's right, even though she ends up as an outsider by doing that.

So, back to teenage Private Investigative, smart-mouthing, figuratively-speaking-butt-kicking girl. All the things I longed to be, when my reality was a teenage theatre group, somewhat smart (alecy), euphamistically-speaking-passive-aggressive girl...Yeah, um...I'd like to change my answer and go off the boards with being a Veronica instead.

Maybe there's no statute of limitations on becoming a smart-mouthed, butt-kicking girl. Clearly there is one on teenageer-ness. Thank God. Yet, I'd like to think if I'd had Veronica Mars as a role model I might have made some different decisions, or, at the very least, started my own P.I. company.

Who do you wish you had as a role model as a teen?


  1. I haven't seen that one. I got hooked on Charmed and Buffy though. LOL

    Thank god for DVRs! Now I can record my current shows and watch them at my leisure.

  2. Oh, Sherry, I came to the Buffy party late, but man, talk about obsession. Veronica is kind of like a non-slayer Buffy -- very cool.

    If we didn't have a DVR I'd be stuck with TeenNick...